Large or small groups, backyard BBQ’s to extravagant social events. Justin’s Oven specializes in wood-fired cooking, always with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Organic whenever possible. Meats are grassfed. This is true farm to table. Find a sampling of menu options below.


Appetizers   (price per dozen

Veggie skewers 24

Stuffed mushrooms   28

Vegetarian Samosas   32

Grilled eggplant  34

Falafel sliders 48

Wings (1lb) 16

Chicken skewers 34

Crab cakes   36

Bacon wrapped scallops   36

Smoked trout on Yorkshire puddings 40

Shrimp skewers  42

4oz Salmon Sliders 68

Prosciutto wrapped dates 24

Pork dumplings   30

Sausage and apple mini-pies   36

Risotto quartets w/bacon 38

Beef skewers  36

Beef gorgonzola meatballs 38

4oz Beef sliders 68

Bison gorgonzola meatballs  42

Lamb stuffed grape leaves   36

Lamb samosas 38

Lamb skewers 42





These four options can be served gyro-style on fresh-made wood-fired naan with white cheddar, probiotic pickles, tomatoes, onions, and pea shoots, assembled to order. Vegetarian/vegan gyros are an easy option.

Organic bison brisket, served with brandy bbq sauce and rhubarb apple chutney

Legs of lamb finished over an open fire on site

Wood-oven smoked pulled pork


Salads (for spring)

Rhubarb, quinoa, walnuts, fennel and goat cheese

Asparagus with local organic greens, white balsamic drizzle (vegan)

Fresh green bean salad with pancetta, roasted onion, and garlic



Jerk chicken

Marinated chicken breast

Stuffed chicken w/roasted red peppers,  caramelized onions, goat cheese ,and basil

8 oz New York Striploin

8 oz Ribeye

Prime rib w/red wine jus

6oz beef tenderloin w/garlic, mushroom, and thyme or peppercorn jus

Vegan curry

Stuffed roasted red pepper

Grilled portobello mushroom w/roasted red peppers, goat cheese, and spinach



Chocolate marquises, crepes, cheesecake, assorted pies, lemon tarte, creme brulees